On spot Career Counselling at Lakhi Bil HS School, Bishalgarh

In reference from two private tutors Mr. Swadesh Dutta and Mr. Dilip Chakraborty, we, Markline Consultancy organized a career counselling session with the students of Lakhi Bil H.S School, Bishalgarh of standard X & XII. The session was an eye opener for all of them as residing from a remote area doesn’t give them access to have knowledge regarding various career courses that might help them in lifting their lives and dream for a better future. People from many parts of Tripura are still not equipped with information regarding vast number of courses that are being provided by thousands of institutes all across India. Their thinking is better opportunities come with more money invested. We,  Markline Consultancy give them information that it is not always true. Education can be and is accessible to everyone who wants to truly pursue a better future and goals. Several institutes provide scholarships, different government agencies provide stipends, students can also get stipends on the basis of their merit and even loans are available for pursuing one’s dreams and having the quality education they need.




Here we come through, our organization, Markline Consultancy, helps with all the necessary requirements for the admission and smooth sailing through the education process and completes their journey for way better opportunities to come their way.